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Delaware County
and Muncie Issues

Muncie City Council
January 7, 2008

State News Links:

News Coverage of
City Council on 1/7/08

YouTube Links:

Watching In Muncie YouTube Archives

Downloadable Files:
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News Coverage of
City Council on 1/7/08

News Coverage of
City Council on 1/7/08

Cary Malchow vs City Council

Tom Parker vs City Council

Citizen vs Mary Jo Barton (1)

Citizen vs Mary Jo Barton (2)

Mayor vs City Council (1)

Mayor vs City Council (2)

State Representative Tyler vs Hiatt

Miscellaneous Videos:

Animal Control Plan?

Precious Moments:

Monte Murphy votes on MFD contract

Dennis Tyler goes on a tirade....

Phil Nichols vs. Jim Arnold and The Star Press

Phil Nichols vs. Chris Hiatt

Phil Nichols vs. Indiana Law

Phil Nichols vs. Scott Alexander

Nichols, Craycraft and Evans

Labor reacts to prior taxpayer victory

Oops!! The truth comes out!

Moore weighs in with Modernization!

Lee Ann Mengelt shares her thoughts.

MPD vs MFD Budget Strategies

Message for the Mayor....

Commissioners "double-down" on the
City Taxpayers ...and the jig is up!

Commissioner Donati calls for City of Muncie
Executives to resign ....

Councilman Dishman telling Onieal that
she's incompetent.....

Councilman Dishman reprimanding Onieal
for "smirking" at him!.....

Councilman Dishman changes his vote
on Muncie deannexation.....

Councilperson Barton slanders a
Muncie business.....

Local Government Meetings
Many of these meetings are mirrored on:

Fight Back!

The CDCGG is
constantly considering
local government issues
that may be of serious
enough concern for the
citizens to petition against.
If there are active petitions
in circulation, t
hey will be
available for signatures at:

Hiatt Printing
1716 N. Wheeling Ave.
Muncie, IN 47303

Alexander & Co. Real Estate
1600 W. Riggin Rd.
Muncie, IN 47303

Army-Navy Surplus
1810 E. Jackson St.
Muncie, IN 47305

BIC Products/Dunn EZ
5900 W. Kilgore Ave.
Muncie, IN 47304

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